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Successful businesses need more than just traditional marketing to compete and thrive in today’s digital world. BLVD believes in the future of marketing. It empowers its clients by creating and evolving strong brands complemented by technology and sophisticated data analytics. Drive your brand into the future on BLVD.

Meet the leadership team

Blake Van Leer
Chief Executive Officer

Blake is a serial entrepreneur with Reg A+ experience as well as Special Advisor to Kathy Ireland® and Level Brands. He contributes to numerous board meetings at kathy ireland® Worldwide, where he provides strategic planning for high level topics, partnerships, acquisitions and technology endeavors. Blake is also CEO at BLVD, a well-diversified marketing technology company with AI, blockchain, creative and social media services. Blake also co-founded Padlist, a robust real estate database website, and Padfinders, a personalized rental matchmaking service. Blake also has experience in land development where he assisted with the siting, permitting and marketing of numerous residential, commercial, heavy construction, solid waste and gas to energy projects. In his spare time, he creates online video games, which involves complex ecosystems, fictional currency, economics and donation currency.

Lindsay Van Leer
Chief Operating Officer

Lindsay was raised by a family of entrepreneurs where she witnessed the challenges and successes of operating companies. She chose to follow the entrepreneurial path by co-founding her first real estate company directly out of college. With an academic background in English, Communication and Psychology, a career path in real estate allowed her to pursue her love for writing, marketing and people. Lindsay currently serves as COO of Padfinders and Padlist, online real estate database companies, where she designed their custom CRMs as well as implemented AI and blockchain technologies. As COO of BLVD, she oversees the service operations of public and Fortune 500 company clients. Her role also includes serving as Special Advisor to Kathy Ireland® and Level Brands, Inc. Lindsay’s passion to operate, organize and communicate has been the driving force to many successful executive leadership roles and businesses.  

Michael Schatz
Chief Creative Officer

Michael comes from a background focused on marketing, digital and print advertising as well as event planning. His previous executive roles included co-founding Berlin Grey, a creative studio specializing in web development and print material for companies ranging from local shops, farms and restaurants to global conglomerates. He has also served as Lead Designer for Padfinders and Padlist, online real estate database companies. Currently, Michael holds the title of Chief Creative Officer of BLVD, where he creatively services public and Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, he acts as VP of Creative Development for Jon Carrasco, Global Creative Director of kathy ireland® Worldwide, working in concert with Kathy Ireland® and her entire executive team. Michael always looks to be inspired by art, architecture, international travel, creative cuisine and experimental music.

Andy Krause
Chief Data Scientist

Andy is a chief technologist and inventor with very diverse and deep experience in AI, data mining, BI, and information architecture in biomedical, financial services, and web marketing. As an entrepreneur, he has successfully built, mentored, and led R&D teams and companies based on AI and predictive modeling. He was first to develop and commercialize hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive modeling combining data mining expertise in statistics, neural networks, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, semantic ontologies, and other advanced machine learning techniques. Andy was the Founder and Chairman of Neuristics, which incubated a number of AI-based companies, including CreditXpert, the largest consumer-oriented credit company on the Web.  He also founded Revelytix, a pioneer in semantic web technologies (acquired by Teradata) and Infermetrics, a company that provided real-time web analytics and ad optimization for interactive online advertising.

Lucas Minissale
Lead Engineer

Lucas Minissale is a software engineer from Buenos Aires with extensive experience in both front-end and back-end technologies like Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and Vuejs, among others. He is passionate about programming and new technologies. Writing code is his main talent, but he is also into languages, music and sports. Lucas plays the fiddle and practices sports like soccer, snowboard and skiing. He lived in Ireland for almost 4 years where he worked for several Irish tech companies and built amazing products. During those 4 years, Lucas has also traveled the world.

Patrick Kelly
Lead Tech Analyst

Patrick Kelly is an experienced and versatile technology professional drawing experience from both the telecommunications and banking domains.  He served 4 years in the United States Air Force as a force protection officer in South Korea and Japan before transitioning to the civilian sector gaining experience in network engineering, and then to cyber security in the banking industry. Patrick specializes in data analysis and visualization design, which he passionately integrates into whatever professional role he finds himself in. Some of Patrick’s interests include practicing Japanese, coding, and making electronic music in his home studio.


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